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We are an Oregon ultimate team that exists to play at the highest level of the sport. We envision a program that empowers teammates to be the best versions of themselves together. At the heart of our team, you'll find our four foundational values: love, work, grit, and growth.


In 1995, a group of passionate Ultimate Frisbee players from Portland were all set to compete in a tournament, but there was one small hitch – they didn't have a team name. Among their ranks was a team member who had a brother named Bill Barker, the author of a graphic novel titled "Schwa." This novel explored the concept of an intergalactic corporation that exerted control over other planets, assimilating them into its vast network.


During their journey to the tournament, Bill Barker proposed a unique idea to the team. He offered to purchase their jerseys if they agreed to proudly display the Schwa Corporation logo. The team found the idea intriguing and decided to give it a shot. They played with determination and emerged victorious in the tournament. As a result, they decided to stick with the name, Schwa, and it's stayed the same ever since!

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