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WUCC 2018 - Women's Finals VIEWING PARTY @ Evolution (+ Post-Game Brunch)

We are stoked to announce that our sponsor and gym-space providers Evolution Healthcare and Fitness are opening their doors to Schwa and our friends to get-together and watch the Women's Division WUCC 2018 grand finals.

Here's the info:


Saturday, July 21st @ 9:00AM

Game starts at 9:30AM

We will end around 11:15/11:30, and maybe head out for lunch somewhere nearby.


Evolution Healthcare and Fitness


Everyone! Bring your friends, family, coworkers, anyone who would like to see some of the highest levels of our sport.



We'll definitely be hungry when the game is over, so let's plan on walking to brunch somewhere after the game. There's a bunch of walk-able options, so we'll game-plan that ASAP, or figure it out day-of.

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