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BOOTY 2019 - 3/23

BOOTY! (Bring Our Own Teams, Yay!) is a one-day women's tournament. Anyone may (and is encouraged to) create a team. This is a great chance for local ladies to play with their friends and for college teams to compete against club players. It's also a great way to support other women! A portion of the proceeds raised will be donated to Girls Youth Ultimate in Portland and every year we choose a charity to raise money for. This year, we will be donating to Letty Owings and Kindred Causes! Additionally, we will be collection menstrual products for  Portland Menstrual Society. In the past, we have raised money and collected donations for Oregon TradeswomenSHE, and Period.

Kindred Causes is a non-profit raising awareness of children's issues and fundraising for non-profits that serve and protect children.

Letty Owings at Central City Concern: When addicted mothers and pregnant women need help, their recovery is more complex – babies, toddlers and the unborn must also be protected and cared for. Women need a safe place to live and recover with their children.

Portland Menstrual Society: The purpose of this organization is to unite the community in the common interest of promoting positive menstrual health for vulnerable populations and to empower all menstruators.

Also: There will be an after-party at Alberta Street Pub from 7-9 (though you are welcome to continue hanging out and partying). We will have a clothing swap (any leftover clothes will be donated). TBD if the swap will be at the fields or at the party. Your captains will keep you posted.

Registration Details:

Captains: Register your team (it's free) and roster your teammates. Pay your fees then have your teammates go online to complete their registrations and pay their fees (if you wish you can pay your teammates' fees). Alternatively, you can skip the roster and just tell your players to sign up for your team. If you take this approach we suggest you create a Team Password (bottom of the first screen) so that only players you select are able to sign up for your team.

Team Players: Once your captain has formed a team, simply sign up for that team and pay.

Free Agents: If you would like to play in BOOTY, but don't have a team, please contact us at


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