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Schwa's MINI-HAT - March 10

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a one day women's mini hat tournament on March 10th from 1 - 5 pm at Grant Park Turf. We will be playing a fast paced style of 4v4 mini, stall count to 5, make-it take-it, with subs on the fly. We encourage those who identify as women or girls (ages 13+)  of all skill levels to join us for a fun afternoon of play! This is a great opportunity to get some women's specific play time during the off-season and to hang out with a bunch of other awesome PDX women!

Please bring a light and a dark, cleats, and a water bottle.

Due to the size of the fields we will be capping the hat tournament at 64 people. It is $10 to play and you are strongly encouraged to sign up online to ease the burden on our volunteer organizers.



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